Massage history

History of erotic massage

История эротического массажаSince ancient times, mankind has known about the healing properties of massage, which is a way to treat and prevent various diseases. With the help of various physical influences on the skin and muscles of a person, our ancestors treated sick people, put them on their feet, and brought them back to life. People who lived in Southeast Asia used a special method of erotic massage. They smeared their bodies with a healing mixture, the recipe for which has not reached our days, and, pressing closely to each other, rubbed their bodies. Similarly, therapeutic measures were carried out in the temples of Isis by young priestesses using clay and Nile silt. Firstly, the composition of the clay has a beneficial effect on the color and elasticity of the skin, and secondly, plastic movements very quickly excite both partners and open up a new facet of sexual relations. In addition to therapeutic and prophylactic effects, massage can calm the nervous system, relieve physical stress accumulated during the day.

We can safely assume that people have been engaged in erotic massage for a very long time, but then it was perceived as a natural manifestation of feelings, or, in other words, as a prelude to having sex. This tradition is relevant in the modern world, except that today we know not only about the pleasures that erotic massage brings, but also about its healing functions.
Ancient people, who did not have a sufficient stock of knowledge, nevertheless paid great attention to massage and considered it the most effective way of healing. As for erotic massage proper, its origin goes back to ancient times. The sexual instinct is originally inherent in a person, and his physical attraction to the opposite sex, both then and now, is considered a completely natural and natural phenomenon.

The first evidence of erotic massage can be traced back to Ancient India. Primitive people who lived on the territory of this state did not have a written language. All knowledge about inventions, discoveries, the sequence of ceremonial actions, festive or everyday activities, they conveyed orally or captured in rock paintings.
Literary monuments of Ancient Greece also testify to the antiquity of erotic massage. Mythological legends tell that Odysseus, having got to the goddess Circe, swam in a marble pool and enjoyed the massage that the Nereids gave him.
In Japan, the art of massage goes back many centuries: samurai appreciated its effectiveness: geisha and their students (maiko) were engaged not only in music, dancing and tea ceremony. There it was first combined with water procedures. Old Japanese massage techniques come down mainly to kneading and beating. Japanese geisha are renowned for their art of dancing. Without touching the man, they aroused desire in him, and with light touches of their fingertips to the skin, they drove him to a frenzy. They anointed and rubbed his body with various incense. Ancient Greek getters were also known for their skill in erotic massage. The person who bought the night from the priestesses of love experienced bliss when young, but already quite sophisticated girls massaged the body of their master with exciting movements.
Another ancient type of erotic massage is Thai erotic massage Kiev, which has nothing to do with the ancient medical Thai massage. Its history is relatively short: during the Vietnam War, American soldiers sometimes got the opportunity to rest. It was for entertainment that the Thais took up erotic massage. Now Thai massage is very popular in the modern world. Thousands of tourists claim that having arrived in this amazingly beautiful country, you just need to go to a Thai massage session. In specialized salons, masseuse girls give clients an incredibly exciting erotic massage. They generously coat the partner with soap and begin to slide over his body. Their movements are reminiscent of the graceful movements of a snake. The client not only experiences fantastic sexual sensations, Thai massage also has a healing function, since all organs and muscles of the body are stimulated. The wonderful tradition of Thai massage has not lost its relevance, moreover, it is very popular in the modern world.