Types of erotic massage

Виды эротического массажаAmong the variety of massage practices, attention should be paid to Thai erotic massage Lviv https://supermassage.com.ua/en/. Having few opportunities, ancient healers have recreated a truly unique technique that will not only give strength after a hard day, but also put you on your feet after an injury.

Today, Thai massage is the most popular type of massage. Some call it “lazy yoga” because its effect on all body systems is very great. Influence on special energy zones that regulate the flow of energy flows is the basis of Thai massage. As a result of acupressing, you get not only muscle relaxation, improved lymph and blood flow, but also feel energetically renewed.

Couples massage – forget about taboo! This is knowledge that will bring new colors to your intimate life. A man and a woman who love to contemplate each other’s pleasures. The two of you will experience intimacy overflowing with love and passion, while highlighting the presence of your beloved and only half in life, filling your relationship with vivid unforgettable impressions.

Prostate massage in skillful hands is an excellent means of preventing prostate problems, and the best process of a therapeutic and prophylactic nature in order to bring a man to a mega-orgasm. Spend your leisure time with drive and enhance your sexual function. Discover the possibility of new ultra-sensations.

Strip show – bewitching movements, beautiful music and a diva who slowly takes off her underwear and entices you to taste bliss or reveals her attractive body in a passionate dance. All this will be provided to you by the excellent masseuse of our “Style” salon.

Lesbian show is a unique dance of two charming wizards of the King massage parlor. Twice more feminine eroticism, a combination of tenderness and daring excitement excite the mind with new experiences. Get a unique palette of feelings, because their diversity fills the human soul.

The lady is strict and self-confident, she takes all the stronger sex for her slaves. She is both beautiful and ruthless, sexy and able to control any man. A lady in a leather robe with a whip in her hands will force you to taste the frontier, where torture contrasts with bliss. And do not try to disobey her. Welcome to her shackles !!!